Talia & Alyssa

talia-and-alyssa2“The sisters had no idea it would be so windy on picture day.”

This is a painting of my nieces who always look as though they are ready to get their picture taken.  Talia, the older sister, may be a little more of the worrier.  Alyssa on the other hand is fearless.  After all, what is there to worry about when you are holding your big sister’s hand.



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2 responses to “Talia & Alyssa

  1. Carol

    The girl on the right is me:
    On the playground of Centinela Elementary School in Inglewood, California I had my first experience with sports. In “Crack the Whip” I was positioned on the outer end of the line of second grade hand-holders, and the fulcrum spinning began. I, being younger and smaller than everyone else, and at the highest position of speed, found it harder and harder to hang on. Faster, and faster we went around, and then I experienced flying. My tiny body sailed over the asphalt playground, and then skidded on knees and elbows. When my eyes opened I looked up to see dozens of big-eyed children circled around my bleeding body, and in the middle was the teacher’s worried face. A trip to the nurse’s office, and a few weeks of thick scabs, and I was fine.

  2. I’ve been going back and looking at all your paintings. They’re all wonderful, but seeing these older ones, I can see that you’ve really developed in over the last two years.

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