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2 responses to “Parasol

  1. I love your art and I WANT IT!!! can you draw more dancing kids! I teach dance classes at my local YMCA (where any one can go – open to community) and I love the ‘feet positions 1-5’ the arms are great too:) I don’t know what to say – I just could not help myself. You are fantastic at this. I could buy them for my (small; taken over by the gymnastic classes, but my space still) studio…Let me know XO from upstate NY

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I used to be a dancer and I feel I am still a dancer at heart. I attribute anything remotely graceful in my paintings to my years of ballet lessons. I don’t have the five ballet positions for sale as prints 😦 I painted those a while back and have been wanted to redo them and sell them as prints or cards because they do seem popular. So maybe one day.

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