Circus Baby (They Tried Ignoring “The Situation.”)

Poor Circus Baby, when will someone understand and appreciate your acrobatic abilities?!

Circus Baby (They tried ignoring the situation)2



Filed under art, watercolor

3 responses to “Circus Baby (They Tried Ignoring “The Situation.”)

  1. Natalie

    This rocks! I love the newspaper, the father’s expression, the mother’s shoes and buttons on her dress, the red curtains and pink walls. The whole painting has a great feel. Nice job.

  2. Joey

    I love it. Really. It’s amazing. I love the little details on the newspaper and how the dad is kind of reading the paper but you can tell by his eyes that he is annoyed. And how the mom looks disappointed. And I love the pink wall.

  3. Carol

    Absolutely terrific! I laughed out loud. We adore our collection.

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