Slovly Photo Shoot!

Natalie K. Clayton did such a wonderful job on these photos.  She even lent me her blue coat and striped knee highs so that I could attempt to be as cute as some of my watercolor girls.  Thank you Natalie!



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8 responses to “Slovly Photo Shoot!

  1. Natalie

    I love those blue tights! You are a perfect model.

  2. These are so beautiful. The first one is definitely my favorite. I love the lighting in it.

  3. Thanks! It was so much fun to do!

  4. Meredith


    You are soooooo pretty! Don’t you think women (and men, I guess … ) get so much better looking as they get older? You have this classic beauty that is just breathtaking! Your husband is so lucky.

  5. Jamie Stephens

    Only you could pull this off, (I’m sure that there are others too, I just don’t know any of them) You are so pretty, and creative! How fun! Natalie is your sister? She is also very talented! Cool family! Merideth is right, Joey is lucky!

  6. Katie Hoover

    I love the shots by the window!! So beautiful Sabrina!

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