The Hunger Games ACEOs

You can call me a juvenile dork all you want, I will never be ashamed to say that I love reading young adult books (or “Y.A. books” as they say it in the library).   The following paintings were inspired by my current favorite book, The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins.

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Katniss Everdeen is too busy shooting arrows at people and certainly does not have time to stop and decide which boy she should choose.

Peeta Mellark is the strong silent type and if he likes you enough, he just might burn some bread for you!

Whatever Cinna tells you to wear, you wear it.

Primrose Everdeen enjoys taking care of homeless cats and watching her sister kill people on T.V.

Beautiful little Rue.

Last but not least, Gale Hawthorne.  Really?!  Your dad died in the mine too?!  Awesome!  We’re twins!  Let’s go hunting together!

I highly recommend this book (isn’t that what you say at the end of a book report?)  Ah, if only book reports in school could have been illustrated or in comic book form.



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30 responses to “The Hunger Games ACEOs

  1. emily

    i love this so much

  2. I love The Hunger Games! Great book!

  3. Anne

    Wow awesome!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ Gale!!!!!

  4. Lindsay Sparti

    Love these, Sabrina. Isn’t Hunger Games so good?! You’re getting so great! I can’t believe just a while ago we were talking about how you wanted to paint, and now look at you!!

  5. brittany

    the book is so good . i never read and this book expired me to read all of your books…!!!!!!

  6. I love to read! (which is ironic because my name is Reade)
    Anyway, I have read the entire series and it is AMAZING!!! I loved the series so much I read it for a book report in 6th 7th and 8th grade!!! Now that I’m in my last year of highschool, I think I’ll read it one final time! That’s how good those books were! If you haven’t read them yet, I suggest you drop everything and get that book!!! Thanks for reading! =)

  7. Katherine

    i luv peetas.. it’s like “and if he likes you enough, he just might burn some bread for you” ❤

  8. THIS IS COMPLETLY AWESOME!! I ❤ the hunger games… but no offense isn't Rue's hair suppose to be red? Just sayin! But great job. I luv Gale! "WERE TWINS! LETS GO HUNTING!"

    • Thanks for the compliment! Yes, and I think Prim Rose is supposed to have blonde hair. I thought I remember reading that Rue had darker skin because they worked outside all the time in the orchards. But you’re probably right. These were very fun to paint!

    • no Rue’s hair isn’t supposed to be red lol. maybe you’re thinking of foxface or avox girl?

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  10. OMG! You painted these? I thought you drew them! That makes them even more amazing! 🙂

  11. Ok, so I finished the second book today! I am mad about Cinna……

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  13. Victoria

    Okay so, I finished the series like a week ago..BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. No lie, it was a book i couldnt put down.. I dont even like books very much but these books were amazing ! They made me cry ALOT. & the book gave off so many emotions like hate,love,sadness, and LOTS of other things ! im still obsessed with them…i might just read them again if suzanne collins doesnt write more…i think she should make the hunger games trilogy from peeta’s point of view now (: I LOVE PEETA<3<3<3 I hate gale after finishing MockinhJay.. 😦 its ashame..i thought he was awesome at first but n0w its like..whatever </3

  14. Jade

    I think this is COMPLETELY amazing!!!! I love how you painted Rue in covered in the flowers and Prim holding her kitten! Actually, I love it all!!

  15. Jess

    Seriously amazing! Best book ever! Everyone should read it!!!! Fantastic drawings!!! Can’t wait until movie comes out next year!!!!!!!!

  16. Bella

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this SO SO SO much!!!! I seriously love hunger games to the end of the Earth and back!!!! It makes me want to freak out!!! Actually, rue is dark skinned, not red haired, don’t know where you heard she had red hair Hanna…Sorry!
    Anyway, those are seriously amazing! I want to buy them and frame them on my wall in my room, and make a shrine to hunger games! OK, I better stop typing before it gets creepy…hunger games obsession is taking over….

  17. I am 32 and read YA, so if you’re a dork, so am I. If you’d like recommendations, to talk books, or start a YA book club with me….well, get in touch 😉

  18. Brittany Stevenson

    I love the one of Rue! It’s such a perfect visual representation of that scene. Great work.

  19. Harreet

    lol! so funny what u rote bout gale.. i hate gale… u shud read the last book..gale is evil… still i was always on team peeta from beginig!! whos with me!

  20. The-Quirky-Banana

    TEAM GALE! ❤

  21. :)

    wow! your so talented! and it was so funny what you wrote about Gale!

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