Chicken Wing Kid ACEO

I am just opening up my slovly ebay store.  To test the waters I thought I would put up some very affordable ACEOs.

The first little ACEO that needs a home is Chicken Wing Kid.  He is the first in my “Special Needs & Especially Gifted” series.  As you can imagine, he is very talented and gifted with his lovely feathered chicken wings but still needs a little help doing basic tasks such as putting his shirt on.

Click here to see it on ebay, starting at $5: Chicken Wing Kid 2.5″x3.5


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One response to “Chicken Wing Kid ACEO

  1. That’s too bad about the jewelry…did seeing your sister’s bring back good memories? I find that my memories are triggered by smells, textures and tactile objects. I also lost or broke quite a lot of things, my husband says I’m hard on the equipment…otherwise known as clumsy.

    Your little chicken wing kid is so sweet. Congratulations on opening the ebay store!

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