Blogrolling Linkage

I’ve thought about pros and cons, who and what order and how of my blogroll for months and months until I’ve over thought it into oblivion.  In the end I just grabbed all of my jumbled thoughts and stuck them up on my sidebar to form a blogroll if you will!  I don’t have the order exactly how I want it and I know I don’t have everyone up yet, but check it out!  Here are some very entertaining blogs/websites that I find inspiring!

My categories are…

Narcissism and Nepotism (very fitting that they are first)
Needles – Scissors – Glue (fantastic craft and sewing blogs that I am in awe of)
Pencil – Paper – Paint (people that paint and draw that I admire)
Point and Click (photography blogs: I WILL have Matt take my family picture some day.)
Wearable Art (fashion blogs that inspire what my little watercolor people wear.)


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One response to “Blogrolling Linkage

  1. Thank you Sabrina! I’m honored to be on your blog roll with those amazing ladies.

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