Crescent Roll Babies ACEOs

A few days ago I was telling my children everything that I could remember about when they were born.  Even as newborns, they were each so different.  It made me realize that all of my babies are past that stage, and, now that I’ve blacked out the sleeplessness and the crying, I kind of miss it.

So I decided to make a Mother’s Day present…for myself.  I made a little crescent roll baby of each of my children.   Each little painting reminds me of how sweet and tiny they were, I quite like them!

Worried skinny bald baby

Pink cheeked furry baby

Happy bright crazy baby

Content sleepy angelic baby



Filed under art, watercolor

2 responses to “Crescent Roll Babies ACEOs

  1. Natalie

    That post made me cry. Your babes are so sweet and each crescent roll is so “right on!” I miss them too. When you mentioned “sleeplessness” and “crying”…did you mean your babies, you or both?! Ha.

  2. uh yeah, BOTH. The crying especially from me.

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