Here are a few ASL students.  The girls are deaf, but I am pretty sure the boys are just there to learn how to “talk” to the cute girls in the class.

I deem ASL the new “language of love” less noise, more action!

These paintings are available in my eBay store.


I Love You





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5 responses to “ASL ACEOs

  1. I fall in love with your drawings!!
    Landed here directly from Solanah’s page and I really, really find a feeling of visiting my own sanctuary here. All your drawings are so alive, they even made me feel so content!
    I hope the best for you, and that someday I could order one drawing for myself too.

    Clara 🙂

  2. Katie Hoover

    I LOVE these! I’m thrilled to see you doing ASL art.
    Just one suggestion on the labeling, I would use the term “Deaf” art instead of “hearing impaired”. The Deaf community isn’t too fond of the term “hearing impaired”.

    • Thanks for the heads up. As you can see, I’ve already changed it. So was the term “hearing impaired” created to be more PC but had the opposite effect?

  3. Katie Hoover

    I think hearing people just assumed it was the appropriate term and gave Deaf people the label. The Deaf community (those who use sign language & adhere to the culture) are proud to be Deaf and don’t like wearing a label everyday that implies ‘they’ are impaired.

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