2nd Saturdays with the Whole Family

2nd Saturdays Downtown Tucson turned out to be a family fun event for us.

Me setting up.

Isabel sat with me and would once in a while lean over and whisper in my ear, “More and more people are coming!”

Luke can be pretty reserved and quiet, but is not shy at all.

When I said that I wasn’t brave enough to even hand out my business cards, Luke said, “I’ll do it!”  And he did.

(You know this guy is totally going to buy some baby greeting cards from me.)

Mr. Vincent with the little girls.

The best part of the evening was meeting Tamina.  She is a beautiful woman and fellow artist who paints ACEOs as well!  When I got home I found her paintings on ebay.  I love her African women with their babies and her saguaros.



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4 responses to “2nd Saturdays with the Whole Family

  1. Natalie

    I love your cute blue dress. You should make 2nd Saturdays a family affair every month. Were you next to the “card lady” again?

  2. Sadly, card lady was not there this time trying to get her money back.

  3. Wow Sabrina!!!!Cant believe you mentioned me!!!My heart is beating with a great big smile:)))You are Awesome and inspiring!!!I am so anxious to win some of your aceo!!!I was so happy you knew about them!!We had so much in common. I hardly get a chance to meet other artist! I was so Blessed to meet you!!!I hope we can keep in touch and continue to make and collect art!!! Especially ACEO’s!!!!

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