Sabrina School

Even though I knew art in elementary school was just cutting and pasting practice and not anything very creative, it was still my favorite subject.  I feel that a huge part of public schooling is a lot of focus on passing state tests and crowd control and not enough creativity, fun, and imaginative play.

This is one reason Mr. Vincent and I homeschool our four children.  Homeschooling has turned out to be such an amazing experience for me.  I know that I learn just as much as my children do and I am so inspired by their excitement for everything.

I started over three years ago to help me keep track of what we do on a daily basis.  Come visit and enter your name and email for free slovly coloring pages!

Here is Luke, my dreamer nature boy, Isabel my precise lady, Sylvia, my ball of crazy fun, and Hazel, my little thumb sucker.



Filed under art, watercolor

2 responses to “Sabrina School

  1. Rosa&Carlotta

    how cute!!!! love your work!

    check out my fashion illustrations at 🙂

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