Our New Home

My brother took some simple beautiful pictures around his house.  Inspired by him I took some pictures around our new home.  I am not the photographer he is, but it was a lot of fun.



Filed under art, watercolor

3 responses to “Our New Home

  1. sue

    looks very pretty! just discovered your blog – love the drawings I’m starting myself with some drawings so fun to see your style!

  2. John

    Great artful photos!They articulate some very cool ‘moments’.
    Years ago, I built some of those things, the red wood door, the tree house, but you captured their essence in the narrow close ups of their details. I am so glad you are finding our old home to your liking.

  3. Laura McHattie

    Dear Sabrina,
    So happy to have you in the neighborhood! I am Laura, Stacy & David Green’s friend. I live just up the road a bit! Your pictures of the house are wonderful. You really captured its beautiful soul! Your illustrations are adorable. We must connect!

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