Sketches for Linus

I received an email from Laurie asking me if I could post some of my sketches from here to use as a pattern to embroider quilts.  My first thought was, NO WAY.  Not because I’m a snob, but because for one reason or another, in my mind I have deemed those sketches not good enough and the thought of  them permanently on a quilt makes me cringe.  (Now that I read that back I am realizing, oh, it IS that I am a snob.)   Then Laurie explained that she makes quilts for Project Linus and I knew I had to post the sketches.

When my third baby was two she was hospitalized.  A woman came by and gave her a “Project Linus Blanket.”  The thoughtful gesture and seeing my baby enjoying her new blanket in the hospital really meant a lot to me.

Sylvia and her star blanket

Star blanket behind Sylvia.

Now it is my fourth baby’s favorite blanket.  Notice her loving the fringe.

To find out how you can help out in your community, check out

And Laurie, yes, please feel free to use these sketches as patterns for quilts!

fairy sketch

balloon sketch



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7 responses to “Sketches for Linus

  1. Donna

    Thanks for sharing this organization Sabrina. After reading up on it a bit, I totally want to start a blanket factory in my apartment! =) And you’re not a snob, just modest with your talent. Love you!

    • awwww, thanks Donna. I know what you mean, when I first found out about Project Linus I wanted to make blankets and quilts for them even though I don’t enjoy sewing, but hey, maybe I’ll just stick to sketching “patterns” for them, haha.

  2. Stephanie

    I love this! Can I use them also??

  3. Stephanie

    They will really be adorable on a quilt. I told you a while ago you really should look into getting a collection made into fabric. It would sell like hot cakes to girls like me who love retro prints!!

  4. Sabrina – what a great idea this is! Project Linus is a great organization and your embroidered sketches will make some blankets even more special for a child in need. Now I want to turn your sketches into something fiber-related! 🙂

  5. Laurie

    Thanks so much for your generosity and for sharing your experience with Project Linus! This is far more than I ever expected when I emailed you. Thanks again!

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